A little less than a year ago, Amine, Fabien and myself asked ourselves: where can our shared passion for technology, urge to build something that drives impact, and growing friendship take us? The answer was unanimous: it will be somewhere cool, exciting and daring.

Soon enough, we were convinced that the new generation, also called Gen Z, was a huge source of inspiration for us to build something cool. It also didn’t take long to realize that one space in particular was in need — and in the midst — of serious disruption: banking.

We spent the summer reading about the Fintech space, talking to teens and their parents, and before summer was over, we knew that each of us was bringing the right blend of finance and banking literacy, tech and engineering experience and a drive to subvert an established and dusty industry. And that’s how Kard, the only banking alternative for the new generation, was born.

Kard was officially created in December 2018 and within 2 months we had hired an A-team of engineering, communications and growth experts, joining from successful startups like Uber, Nubank, Deliveroo or Skyscanner and ready to get on board our mission that would allow hundreds of millions of young people to take control of their money with a new kind of banking experience adapted to their needs: mobile, social, data-driven, authentic and free.

In January, we closed an Angel Round of 3M€, fortunate enough to be trusted by amazing advisors and investors such as Xavier Niel (Kima Ventures), Francis Nappez (BlaBlaCar), Julien Lemoine (Algolia), David Amsellem (John Paul), Christophe Courtin (Courtin Investment, Santiane) and we were able to double down on hiring a team of full stack senior engineers and product magic makers to deliver with operational excellence and rigor a first-class banking experience. Within 2 months, we were already 18 passionate people, moving from Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, and even Brazil to bring this mission to life — we’re called the Kardoers, and we are ready to turn banking upside down.

Two weeks ago, after months of hard work, endless brainstorming with our future Karders and many sleepless nights spent building the best banking product ever, we opened our waiting list to start pre-registering our first customers. The fervor was humbling and exciting: we were revved up. In less than a week, we’ve had over 10,000 future Karders signing up to be the first ones to open their account and order their Kard, sharing the launch with excitement and pride on social media and echoing some of the great coverage we’ve received.

Today, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on what brought us here but also share, on behalf of my whole team, what this means for us: it is only the beginning of what will be an unforgettable adventure, for our future Karders, for an industry we’re ready to refresh and for us, a team of passionate Kardoers.

We are committed and more fired up than ever to deliver a first of its kind experience to the millions of Karders waiting for us, and these first two weeks were just a first step along the path of turning banking upside down.

Scott Gordon

Kard Co-Founder & CEO

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