Why I quit my job to build a new kind of bank

Born to be a banker?

Growing up with a dad-banker, I developed a feel for the banking industry from a young age, although I never really considered a career in that space. As far back as I can remember, I always had a unique obsession for one day building my own business. My family has joked about it since I was 8, when I wrote my own comic, explaining how I would one day become a successful entrepreneur …

Fast forward 12 years, however, and at the age of 20, I suddenly got really excited about Investment Banking… Sounds odd, right? Yet, the long hours, intensity, dedication and hard work were motivation to keep pushing forward. Over the next few years, it took me endless phone calls, online tests, interviews and even a first step at Rothschild before I achieved my primary objective: a job at Goldman Sachs.

I will always remember my first morning at GS, walking into that iron and glass building, and sitting with all these bright people, smartly dressed. I was impressed and more energized than ever for what was about to begin: days and nights spent working on mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, capital raises and debt funding for worldwide companies. The 5 years I dedicated to that job were quite a ride — and a very instructive one!

Among the many skills I developed there, I also had the chance to meet incredible people, and I learned from and shared with them, not only technical skills, but also the values of determination and the thrive for excellence.

No, born to build a bank.

There’s never been a more favorable time for me at Goldman Sachs than when I decided to leave. Everything I had wished and worked for was happening, opportunities were rising within the company and I was slowly finding a stable work-life balance. And yet, that good old obsession was striking again: remember that comic? Remind me how do you become a successful entrepreneur?

It was at that time that I had the chance to meet two amazing friends, that were soon to become my business partners: Scott Gordon and Fabien Penso. Both shared my passion for entrepreneurship, and it didn’t take us long to realize that the 3 of us could use our complementarity to do great things and drive the impact we all desired.

So, in January 2018, I resigned from Goldman Sachs. Exploring the banking space appeared to us as obvious given how in deep need of disruption this industry is, but also given how many Fintech startups have been emerging and pushing for unprecedented disruption, to the benefit of millions of customers.

However, we noticed that the youth were, once again, left behind. They are the earliest tech adopters, but have never been effectively captured by banks, even as we evolve to a cashless society. And even when they command $44 billion in buying power and it’s projected they’ll command nearly 40% of consumer shopping by 2020. Indeed, everyone is still struggling to address the needs of the so-called GenZ, and craving to understand and embrace the trends they’re naturally setting. So, we asked ourselves: how do you consume without a bank that is adapted to your needs and gives you control?

And we decided to build Kard: welcome to the next generation of banking.

A new kind of bank for a new kind of generation

Gen Z is not only a new generation. It is also a new kind of generation, constantly challenging and reinventing our societal codes and habits. They naturally embrace disruption: they Uber to a party, Snap cool moments to friends, instantly stream movies & music on Netflix and Spotify, and mostly get anything at the tap of a screen.

I remember the first day we started with Scott and Fabien. Our mission was clear: we did not want to create another challenger bank. We decided to start from scratch to completely transform banking as we know it. It’s no longer just about providing a digital alternative to physical branches.

Today, Kard is a team of 20+ passionate people with an obsessive customer-centric approach, building the best banking experience in the world: one that is mobile, social, data-driven, authentic and free.

  • Mobile: Karders can easily track their balance in real-time, send and receive money instantly at the tap of a screen, and access it right away
  • Social: Karders can share their purchases with their friends, create projects within their community and make an impact
  • Data-driven: we leverage our data and technology to deliver relevant and personalized content, insights and offers to Karders
  • Authentic: we’re taking a different approach and build trust between Kard and the Karders — hiring Gen Z people for Product & Customer Love (support) is just one example
  • Free: because Kard is and always will be accessible to everyone

After several years learning from world financial leaders the twines of banking, I’m today partnering with the youth to turn it upside down.

I’m more than convinced we have a big opportunity to become a major banking player with a very large market share, and that’s what we’re going after.

Amine Bounjou - Kard Co-Founder & COO

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